This story starts with an energetic young mum who loves to create hand-crafted items making full use of her creativity, patience and attention to detail.

“Vert Boutique is an online shop and the home of many hand-crafted, unique and positive pieces of art. Any hobby starts with passion. For me, it was the passion for things full of beauty and positivity that could change my mood and my life for the better. My collection offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind, special products.”

“I moved from Romania to the UK with my husband and my 8-year old son. When I’m not being a full-time mother and working on my shop, I love to cook, read a good book and travel. I find inspiration for my creations in everything around me. I like to believe that I can create anything and to surprise myself every time I succeed. I inherit the passion for beautiful things from my mother and my grandmother.”

“In my childhood, my mother used to create brooches from feathers and my grandmother taught me how to crochet doilies. My first creations were origami, then I started to craft gifts from different recycled materials. The passion kept growing, so I decided to participate in different fairs and flea markets dedicated to artists and handicrafts. My first fair was at Christmas time and I created Christmas baubles decorated with pearls, crystals and lace.”

“I feel immense joy every time I create a new item and I regard it as a piece of my soul, filled with all my passion and positivity. I loved sharing these with my friends and family and their encouraging feedback is one of the reasons why I decided to develop my passion into a business too.”

“And so, the Vert Boutique project was launched in 2015 when I decided to show my creations online and as well as at markets. The ‘Vert Boutique’ name was chosen by my little cousin who was 12 years old at the time. Knowing I loved green, she suggested ‘Vert’ and so it stayed. At the beginning, the ‘Vert’ creations could be found on Facebook and on my blog, but once we moved to the UK I decided to open an online shop to reach out to people appreciative of handmade products more easily.”

“The participation in many fairs in Romania offered me the chance to meet special people, true handmade artists who share the same passion as me. Knowing how many amazing creations they have, I decided to collaborate with them and share a wide range of our crafts through Vert Boutique.”

Elena, founder of Vert Boutique


At Vert Boutique you can find unique, special and stylish jewellery (silver & pearls, wrapped copper wire & semiprecious stones, brooches with lace and charms and many others), fabric & denim handbags, accessories, antiqued medieval travel journals and so on…

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